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The future of continuous application security management is here. SourceClear automatically scans your code with each commit or build, and reports any problems.

In 45 minutes, let us show you why traditional application security methodologies don’t work, why open source is the next phase, and how SourceClear can enable you to work at the speed of DevOps. SourceClear can plug directly into your deployment pipeline, automatically scan your code with each commit or build, and report any problems. We’ll show you our powerful reporting features that allow you to filter based on project state (open or resolved), and even view an audit trail of previous scans. That’s true risk value. What’s more, we’ll illustrate our integrations with Jenkins, Travis, CI, Atlassian, Bamboo, Bitbucket Pipelines, Codeship, and more. We can customize the demo to your specific needs, just let us know in the form. Thanks, and see you soon.

Powerful Integrated Features

We'll show you our most powerful integrated features and tools to enable you
to continuously manage security, right in your deployment pipeline.

Enhance Security Visibility

With vulnerable method analysis, we’ll show you how you can trace vulnerabilities down to the last line of code. Generate detailed scan reports help you see security issues all in one place. You can also keep track of project inventory - vulnerabilities, libraries, and issues.

Collaborate with Developers

SourceClear works at the speed of DevOps so you can resolve issues faster and remove friction between teams. SourceClear provides a central location to manage issue tracking and integrates with your external ticket system, such as JIRA or GitHub.

SourceClear works with your favorite tools

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