Secure the Modern Software Supply Chain.

SourceClear secures your use of open source without slowing down your development teams.

For DevOps

Remain agile and help your team meet its security standards with integrated, real-time tools.

For AppSec

Inject security earlier in the development process without slowing down your teams.

For CSOs

Embrace the advantages of open-source software, while managing the risks with unprecedented coverage.

Traditional application security is not built for the pace of DevOps or for today's proliferation of Open Source.

Continue to innovate rapidly using Agile and DevOps

Agile and DevOps have changed the software supply chain forever, and traditional application security tools and processes weren’t built for them. Security at modern development speed requires security tools integrated into modern development processes. Security will only be embraced by developers if the tools you give them are helpful, not mandated.

Support an 'open-source first' development mindset

Modern development projects start with open-source libraries and frameworks. This means that open-source libraries now make up the majority of the source code used in software products today. Open source code is a proven target for hackers. Reusable code means reusable vulnerabilities. Open source needs to be managed and understood to maximize the value and eliminate the risks.

Work the way your teams want to work
  • Integrated with your source code and build tools

  • New commits or builds will automatically be scanned

  • Collaborate and build views for dev and security teams

Know everything about your open-source software
  • Discover libraries in use and how they were introduced

  • Track open source licensing including inherited licenses

  • Quickly identify which libraries have vulnerabilities and drill into the details

Reduce false positives and empower your developers
  • Determine if you are actually at risk using vulnerable methods

  • Detailed remediation steps and QA tests

  • JIRA and issue tracker integration to get fixes into your workflow

Securely manage the process
  • Dashboards and reports to track vulnerabilities and fixes

  • Customize reports and share with teams or management

  • End to end encryption ensures that only you can view vulnerabilities

Public vulnerability database paired with data science
  • Vulnerability data from existing databases are incomplete

  • Additional vulnerabilities from the millions of libraries we sync and track

  • Better data science gives us complete data

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