October 12, 2016

Secure Continuous Delivery with SourceClear 1.0

Posted By: Brian Doll

Continuous Delivery is all about speed. Think fast, build fast, ship fast. But how do you ensure your software is safe when you’re so focused on speed?

By automating security checks with every build you can ship faster than ever, knowing you are delivering a safer product to your customers. That’s Continuous Delivery, Secured.

Today we’re announcing several new integrations that bring the power of SourceClear to the best CI/CD services around:

Travis CI Hundreds of businesses and over 300k open-source projects are using Travis CI every day to build apps with confidence.
Bitbucket Pipelines Atlassian Bamboo SourceClear brings automated security analysis to the millions of developers building software with the Atlassian Stack.
CircleCI CircleCI is helping over 20k teams ship better code, faster.
Codeship With their native Docker support, Codeship helps you ship apps with confidence.

By integrating SourceClear into your Continuous Delivery platform you get automated security analysis right in your daily workflow. You’ll get complete analysis of your open-source dependencies, including security vulnerabilities, out-of-date libraries, and license reports. Use our JIRA and GitHub Issues integrations to fix issues quickly.

Ship fast. Stay safe. Try SourceClear today.

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