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Headquartered in San Francisco and with an office in Singapore, we are a team of software engineers, security researchers and data scientists with happy customers in the technology, social media, retail, finance and defense industries all over the world.


The SourceClear Story

For years it was obvious that application security was in dire need of change. Open-source software, DevOps and Continuous Delivery became the new normal, yet application security remained stuck in old models that were increasingly irrelevant. They were too complicated, too slow and focused on the wrong things. We knew there had to be a better way that both empowered the safe use of open source while making security a natural part of DevOps. Early in 2014 we started a company to tackle the problem.

The challenge demanded an unprecedented collection of talent and expertise spanning open source, application security, and DevOps. Security and open source was in our founder Mark Curphey’s DNA. Mark spent years on the front lines, running application security programs at big companies, and in 2002, started OWASP, the most popular open-source community dedicated to application security.

While Mark covered open source and security, our Chief Product Officer Alex Ethier brought expertise in continuous delivery and big-data systems. From his early days pioneering the use of distributed computing in the early 2000s to leading product development at Chef Software, Alex has been a relentless force of innovation.

As SourceClear has grown we have attracted world-class data-scientists, computer scientists and software engineers from all over the world, united by our approach to think differently and use science to solve the problem at scale.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, and with an office in Singapore, we are backed by Index Ventures and Storm Ventures. We have happy customers in the technology, social media, retail, finance and defense industries all over the world.

We are SourceClear, a team of software engineers and scientists helping the world build secure software.

Leadership Team

Mark Curphey

Founder and CEO

Alex Ethier

Chief Product Officer

Working at SourceClear

We don't just use open source; we make open-source software better.

At SourceClear, our tools help companies use open source safely by analyzing the security of the libraries they use. With every build, teams get version drift and vulnerability information for every dependency, pulled from the SourceClear Registry, the largest security database of its kind.

We're a progressive company where security and privacy come first.

We work hard as a team, value our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and believe shipping is king

We have offices in San Francisco and Singapore, and are backed by Index Ventures and Storm Ventures. We're happily helping customers in the technology, media, retail, finance and defense industries all over the world to build software safely.

Great environment

We work from a big office in the heart of San Francisco. People sit around the kitchen table and talk. Music is always on. That’s how we roll. Foosball and ping-pong skills are optional but highly prized. A cool vibe and nice people.

Choose your own setup

We’ll get the very best equipment available so you can do your very best work. MacBook Pro Retina? Check. Two monitors? Check. Everyone gets noise-cancelling headphones to zone out when coding, and many people use standing desks.

Healthcare & benefits

We cover 100 percent of your health, dental, and vision care and have a company 401K, life insurance, and long-term disability. Use the $250-a-month wellness allowance for gym membership, a sports club, massages, or yoga. It’s your choice.

Unlimited training

We want you to be the best you can be. If you need training or want to learn something to make you better at your job, you get it. It’s simple: we want you to be the best you can possibly be and will help you in any way we can.

Food and beverages

We have a fridge stocked with healthy food and drinks (and some less healthy but tasty options as well). The fridge always has beer. If you work in the office late, order food delivered and expense it.

No red tape

We hate bureaucracy and stupid rules, so we don’t have them. We make everything as easy as possible. It’s that simple.

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