Continuous Security

SourceClear tames the open-source universe and seamlessly integrates with your continuous delivery tools so you no longer need to choose between security and velocity.

Application Security at the Speed of DevOps

Security used to be slow and about saying no. Worse still, it was often applied at the end of development by a specialist or as band-aids applied after shipping. Even in the past, this was never ideal but in today’s world of Continuous Delivery it is totally obsolete.

Modern application security is about enabling developers and security engineers to work together at the speed of DevOps. Security must be built in from inception and allow teams to harness an ever-changing world of open-source code without introducing risk or impacting delivery. Welcome to the world of SourceClear and Continuous Security.

Better Data to Surface Hidden Security Issues

Most vulnerabilities in open-source code never see daylight as CVEs and those that do are often exploited in the wild for a while. SourceClear shines a searchlight on security issues that are hidden deep inside the complexities of the open-source ecosystem. We know about more issues than anyone else, giving you an unfair advantage over the bad guys.

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Prioritize What Matters

Open-source makes up 90% of most modern applications and now represents the largest and weakest attack surface for hackers.

Automation and Integration Rules!

Create an automation policy that describes what to do when specific conditions are met and we will take care of the rest.

Collaborate or Die

Magic happens when developers and security people work together. No more friction. No wasting valuable time.

Control and Relax

Define a policy describing types of open-source that you want and types of open-source that you don’t.

SourceClear works with your favorite tools

Jenkins integration support
JIRA integration support
Github integration support
Travis integration support
Codeship integration support
Bitbucket integration support
Circle integration support

We support most popular programming languages

(your source code never leaves your control)
Python language support
Java language support
Scala language support
Golang language support
Node language support
Javascript language support
Ruby language support

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