What's in your code?

Open-source vulnerabilities and licensing risks are a threat to your business. Keep your software safe with continuous security scanning inside every build.

Complete Analysis

SourceClear automatically analyzes software projects inside the build, generating a call graph and complete dependency graph to discover precisely which libraries, and which versions, are actually in use.

Fits seamlessly into your workflow

    Scan every build automatically with our CI integrations
    Fix issues fast with JIRA and GitHub Issues
    Supports Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and JavaScript projects

The Most Comprehensive Data

Using machine learning and data science, the SourceClear Registry expands beyond publicly available data to provide the most complete view of open source libraries in the world.

    645k+ Open Source Libraries
    4.9M Library Versions
    28 Billion lines of code scanned
    Thousands of Vulnerabilities
    50% more vulnerabilities than in publicly available data

Making security effortless for discerning developers at:

Sony Playstation Network

"The advancement of application security and open source security is critical to security. SourceClear is in the center, driving in solutions to this global problem."

Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer at SAP

"SourceClear helps us automate our application security processes, giving us peace of mind knowing we're delivering safer products to our customers."

Emilio Escobar, Manager of Product Security at Sony

"SourceClear masters dependency management, helping any team build more secure software".

John Viega, computer security author, professor, and professional

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